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Unlike conventional lift control systems, which only register the desired travel direction, our elevator destination control system considers desired destination floors and the number of waiting passengers to improve building efficiency and convenience significantly.


  • The best equipment performance and passenger convenience in one solution, enabled by the market's most advanced and flexible lift control technology.

  • Clear guidance, no unnecessary stops, and less crowded elevators by assigning people an elevator according to their destination floor.

  • Attractive, user-friendly elevator operating systems, including new touchscreens and smartphone mobile applications.

  • Easy building integration with KONE Access or third-party building access control systems.

Elevator Control System Highlights


Two Types of Destination Solutions

With traditional destination control systems, elevators only use destination operating panels. However, with hybrid destination control, energy-efficient elevators are improved by using destination operating panels on the main entrance floors and standard car operating panels in the elevator cars.



Our stylish car and destination operating panels are easy to use and enhance the look of your lobby.


Smartphone Application

With the KONE elevator service mobile application, passengers can call an elevator from anywhere in the building using their mobile device.

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The KONE access control system can be integrated with KONE Access or a third-party destination control system to enhance passenger security and people flow in buildings.

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By integrating our turnstile system with our destination and access solutions, you benefit from consistent building design, flexible personalization features, and enhanced comfort for visitors and tenants.

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